Upcoming Fall Weather and How It Can Affect Gas Lines

It’s easy to understand how infrastructure like roads and bridges would be affected by heavy rains and falling temperatures. Slick roads and muddy embankments are not a great combination. Add to the equation the chance for torrential downpours then things get even worse with safety crews not being able to access areas to help people in need.  

Well, the same goes for underground infrastructure — specifically gas lines — as well.  

Gas lines themselves might not be directly affected by rain but the ground those lines are buried in certainly is. Sustained heavy rains in a township or borough throughout the fall can lead to shifting and swelling in the ground. That shifting and swelling itself could cause weak points in gas lines and water lines to turn into leaks or even full-on breaks.  

But that’s not even the worst of it.  

If the rains are so bad that flooding and landslides become an issue then even those big municipal service trucks that seem indestructible in the summer months will struggle to find and repair the problems at hand. Then you’re leaving your residents to fend for themselves while you wait for the rains to stop and the roads to clear up enough for workers to get out there and do their jobs.  

And this is just the fall we are talking about. Townships and municipalities need to consider all of this before the cold winter months roll around and we are talking about digging through frozen ground to get to a leak.  

There is a way to head off these issues before they become bigger problems, though. Leak detection can save time and money — and headaches — for both you and the people you are working so hard to keep safe.  

So, don’t wait. Contact Master Leak Technolgies to find out which Sewerin products would best suit you so you can get a jump on managing your gas pipelines now, before things get any worse.  

Investing in leak detection services can keep you informed and ahead of the damage. So, what are you waiting for? Reach out today and “Find Leaks with Us.” Call us at 267-236-6184 or reach out by email at Office@Masterleaktech.com. 

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