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Cold Weather is Coming, Have the Right Equipment for the Job

It’s no secret that cold weather and pipes are not exactly the best of friends. Winter is when pipes of all shapes and sizes do things that no one wants them to do. Frozen pipes, burst pipes, leaking pipes…whatever the issue, they’re all a headache. But locating and identifying those problem areas doesn’t have to

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We are the Sewerin Authorized Dealer in 14 States

When it comes to professional gas leak detection and professional water leak detection equipment, there is none better in the industry than Sewerin. They’re known worldwide for their durable, accurate, and easy to use products. That’s why it was so important to us when we opened our doors that we offered them. We wouldn’t have

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Prevent Costly Water Leaks by Having the Right Detection Devices

Leaks of any kind are the worst. That’s not a revolutionary statement, but it’s true. Whether it’s above ground or below ground, gas or water, a simple fix or incredibly complicated….it all sucks. There are no two ways about it. But there are plenty of ways to avoid it. Prevent costly water leaks by having

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Have the Right Commercial Water and Gas Detection Devices

Whether you oversee a township or municipality’s safety, or the safety of a business’s facilities, you should have the right commercial water and commercial gas detection devices at your disposal. And there simply is no better equipment than Sewerin water leak detection devices and Sewerin gas leak detection devices.   As the number one supplier of

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