The VARIOTEC 4×0 range gives network technicians an efficient and cost-effective means of carrying out all common measurement tasks in gas distribution networks. 

®The VARIOTEC 4×0 instruments utilize the same accessories and probes as previous generations of Sewerin gas measuring instruments so if you are upgrading there is no need to purchase new ones. 

The 480 EX and 460 EX can incorporate an optional ethane detector to quickly distinguish between natural and swamp gas. No more false indications from swamp gas rather than natural gas 

All variants, except for the VARIOTEC 400 EX, can have optional oxygen and carbon monoxide sensors fitted. 


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  • Unique and simple to use operating system, with jog dial, soft keys, and easy to follow task-orientated menu navigation 
  • Large matrix display with backlight, clearly showing all gas levels 
  • Rapid charging in 4 hours – More usage time 
  • Power supply via 4 AA rechargeable or disposable batteries 
  • Onboard data logging with PC communication via USB port 
  • The carrying handle doubles as a clever display stand, allowing versatile positioning and easy carrying 


  • Simple, task-orientated menu structure means new users are up and running with very little training 
  • No complicated setup required even after extended periods of disuse 
  • Cost-effective operation thanks to low capital cost, high uptime, low maintenance costs, and paperless inspection regime.  
  • Measuring technologies 
  • Fast and highly-sensitive semiconductor sensor for measuring very low gas concentrations in the ppm range 
  • Electrochemical sensors for measuring oxygen and carbon monoxide (optional) 
  • Integral gas chromatograph to measure ethane. This differentiates between natural gas and swamp gas without any other accessories (optional) 


  • Explosion protection: TÜV 07 ATEX 553353 X II2G Ex d e ib IIB T4 Gb, IIC when used with the TG8 carrying bag  
  • Measuring function: BVS 09 ATEX G 001 X N1, PFG 08 G 002 X N1 (measuring ®function available for VARIOTEC 480 EX, 450 EX only) 
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