Below Freezing Weather Can Cause Water Main Breaks

Water main breaks are never fun. Trying to find the source, shutting off the water (when possible), and fixing the break…it’s all a headache in the best of scenarios. Add to the equation the fact that fall is quickly going to turn to winter in a lot of parts of the country and now the cold has become a factor, too. Unless you are new to the game, you also know that below freezing weather can cause water main breaks all by itself. You can do everything possible to head off breaks before they occur, but not everyone can avoid them forever. One thing everyone can do, though, is be equipped.  

As the number one supplier of water leak detection equipment on the East Coast, we know what we are talking about. Master Leak Technologies carries a full line of Sewerin products that can outfit any township or business with the right water leak detection equipment for the job. Having something like the Secorrphon AC 200 or the Variotech 460 TracerGas in your kit will undoubtedly help you identify the point of the break faster than any other technology out there.  

Picture this: you are the one in charge of your township’s safety and a water main break occurs near the main intersection of town. Or you are head of maintenance for a large industrial complex when a water main break shuts down the entire complex. You can see water spewing up out of the ground, freezing in place because of the ice-cold temps. You also have no idea where the actual break is because (despite your best efforts) you haven’t figured out how to get x-ray vision just yet. But you do have a Sewerrin detector in your safety kit, enabling you to find the source of the leak quickly. This allows you to get the job started (and finished) faster than with any other brand of equipment available.  

We all know that, when it comes to the safety and productivity of your township/business/whatever, speed matters. So set yourself up with the best in the business to keep yourself on top of the things that matter most.  

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