Prevent Costly Water Leaks by Having the Right Detection Devices

Leaks of any kind are the worst. That’s not a revolutionary statement, but it’s true. Whether it’s above ground or below ground, gas or water, a simple fix or incredibly complicated….it all sucks. There are no two ways about it. But there are plenty of ways to avoid it. Prevent costly water leaks by having the right detection devices.  

And by ‘right detection devices’, we obviously mean Sewerin’s top-of-the-line products.  

The water leak detection devices that Sewerin offers break down into two main categories: audio and gas. While the technology is pretty incredible, the explanation is pretty simple. The audio devices use sound to detect where the leaks may be, and the gas devices use tracer gas to locate leaks.  

When it comes to audio devices, the Secorrphon AC 200 and Aquaphon A 150 are the perfect devices to have in your kit. If a leak is causing problems at a job site or snarling traffic in your township, either of these can help you find it fast. The Secorrphon AC 200 has three different location modes to guarantee accuracy while the Aquaphon A 150 paired with a microphone from the Aquaphon A 200 system delivers professional prelocation and precise pinpointing.  

If the tracer gas is more your style, then look no further than the Variotec 460 Tracergas. Find those hard-to-locate leaks in underground pipes with ease and accuracy thanks to the extraordinarily low cross sensitivity of the gas. The large display makes it easy on the eyes, as well.  

One other device that is pretty handy to have at the ready is the Aquatest T10. It’s a test rod for surveying and pinpointing leaky water pipes in a pipe network. The best part about this piece of equipment is that you don’t need an additional receiver.  

Whether you are looking to add to your Sewerin collection, or you realized how big a mistake you made by not going with Sewerin in the first place, reach out to Master Leak today to get the ball rolling on your next piece of leak detection equipment.  

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