Get Your Water Leak Detection Devices Now

Every winter, running water and burst pipes become very expensive and damaging problems for businesses and municipal complexes. Antiquated infrastructure that is 100-years old is a real threat across America. Small leaks can turn into big repairs! You must catch the small leaks early. Water leak detection is the only trusted method of prevention outside of running new pipes for many commercial buildings and municipal buildings which is costly and could take months or years. 

Although they can happen year-round, water main breaks are more likely to happen in the winter and are very dangerous. They affect water supply and sanitation. The pipes are made of iron or steel and both those materials can be very difficult to repair. Water main breaks also present frozen, icy roads that put drivers at immediate risk. It also puts the work crews who must fix the pipes and now pave the roads. The reality is that older water or gas pipes will break every year. We must detect early and often as many lives depend on finding the problem and fixing it as fast as possible. 

Using accurate and reliable water leak detection devices is critical in finding these leaks and fixing them before they rapidly progress into damage and irreversible deterioration. Sewerin commercial water leak detection devices are the most accurate on the market. They carry a range of top-of-the-line products such as electro-acoustic water leak detection, compact one hand receiver, correlators, stationary noise loggers and much more. There are many accurate options at several price points to meet any budget from handheld receivers to full systems for pre-locating and pinpointing. This cutting-edge equipment and technology will give your crew the tools they need to succeed in this very challenging and important work that so many people depend on. 

Investing in leak detection services can keep you informed and ahead of the damage. So, what are you waiting for? Reach out today and “Find Leaks with Us.” Call us at 267-236-6184 or reach out by email at 


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