Water and Gas Leak Authority

Just the word “leak” is not only cringeworthy it can also send any property owner down a costly, challenging path. Keep your head above water and get a head of the leak with the right people in your corner. Master Leak Technologies has 2 decades in the business of commercial gas and water leak detection devices. Not only do they sell, fix and recalibrate the devices; they are an official sales partner of Sewerin products distributor.   

Owning a business can be rewarding, yet overwhelming. You’ll want to do your best to protect it any way you can. Staying ahead of the unexpected, can not only help with unanticipated cost it can also help keep business running smoothly. Nobody expects a leak but you can certainly stay ahead of it with products from Master Leak Technologies. Services are available in 14 states from Maine to Virginia. Protect yourself and your property, reach out today and “Find leaks with us” call us at 267-236-6184 or reach out by email at Office@Masterleaktech.com. 

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